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What matters more: your message or your logo?

It happens many times that when we enter a potential customer's website we find that we can't find out what is the website about? What are you selling? What do you offer? Why are you different from others?

Why is the USP so important on your website?

You've probably heard of the Unique Selling Proposition if, as a business owner, you've met with a designer or marketing specialist and have probably been told that it's "like a brand slogan" (although one thing and another are completely different), but it's vitally important to your business strategy.

Let's summarize the concept of USP:

It is the differential value provided by your brand with respect to the competition.

It would be the combination (in words) between what you (your company) do well and what your customer wants, sometimes in a somewhat poetic way...

In our case: we specialize in eCommerce design and optimization, with a team of experts at the service of your business, providing a personalized service of digital support... all this summarized in "eCommerce like a pro", yes, with emphasis on "like a pro" ;)

💍 De Beers @debeersgroup with its USP turned the diamond into the symbol of lovers with its "A diamond is forever" > in a few words it speaks to you of quality, investment, and the specific moment, encompassing the entire jewelry universe.

🍫#M&M's, for example, bet on its differential value: "they melt in your mouth and not in your hand".


Why is the Unique Selling Proposition so important?

Let's put it in situation; if you are about to launch your ecommerce

  • Can you define why a customer chooses you over your competitors?

  • What do you bring to the table that your competitors don't?

  • What makes you unique?

You must find an aspect that makes you stand out from your competition, based on:

  • The features, functionalities and benefits of your product or service.

  • The quality of your product or service and the ability to satisfy your potential customer (Here you need to know your audience very well!).

  • Price, you can stand out for your competitive prices, being low-cost doesn't mean it's bad, remember: the ability to satisfy your customer...

  • Delivery times (think Domino's: Pizza in 30 minutes or your money back)...

¿Necesitas un USP potente? Sigue estos pasos:

Choose in which category your brand would be placed:

  • You would differentiate yourself by:

  • Price

  • Effectiveness

  • Customizable service or product

  • Warranty

  • Quality

  • Originality: first to market?

  • Niche: specialists in...

Communicate your strengths

It's time to focus on these 4 pillars to understand what your strengths are and how you will stand out from your competition:

  1. What do you have that your competitor doesn't have?

  2. Is it important that your competitor doesn't have to choose your brand over another one?

  3. Could your competitor copy you? for example, could you also deliver a package in less than 24h worldwide? or would you give away your product if you don't deliver it in the next half an hour?

  4. Is it easy to understand? Just as it is important that a logo can be replicated by anyone on paper (it shows how retentive it will be), it is essential that this value can be understood by your potential customer.

Emphasize your concept

The category in which you have unmarked yourself will turn out to be very generic. De Beers opts for quality, but at the same time with its phrase "a diamond is forever" goes far beyond quality, touching on financial points (its high prices) that after all will also be an "investment" that will last forever, also impacting emotionally: the momentum, the marriage proposal, the future that lies ahead and all the romanticism around it.

In the end the USP is as important as your logo: one in words, the other graphically.

And of course, a graphically powerful logo that sticks in your brain accompanied by a powerful phrase, with meaning and reinforcing the concept of your brand, your WHY, is doubly powerful when it comes to mark you with respect to your competition.


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