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How is the support?

Technical maintenance:

Optimizing website performance is crucial to generating an optimal experience for visitors while keeping the environment safe from any cybersecurity threat.
New features:

Web pages are living environments that need constant design, functionality and content updates.

Having a complete and realistic vision of the behavior of your corporate website is essential to know its status and know what
volume of visits they receive.

like a pro

It all starts with an idea and you need help to execute it. 
From new functionalities, optimizations, knowing your clients or creatives for your business.

  • Identify improvements.

  • Define improvements (customer).

  • Review improvements (TD).

  • Definition Sprint.

  • Sprint tracking.

  • Tests (if necessary).

  • Put into production.


A design and development team dedicated to the needs of your business,  from start to finish and even beyond thanks to our support service. We follow the agile methodology to manage the evolutionary support of our clients with a simple process:


We will give you personalized support in all aspects.



Maintain  your website updated to provide a better user experience, increase security  and support your initiatives

digital marketing.



We will ensure that your third-party plugins and applications are configured and installed correctly, improving the interface and UX of your website.



Our designers will provide support to keep the site visual and ready for e-commerce that will attract, impress and engage.

to his clients.



Discover website errors and problems and we will provide you with the best solutions. Whether it's slow loading or poor encoding, we've got it fixed.



We will maintain and develop applications and tools to work properly on your website.



If what is needed is a custom development Our developers can create them on your ecommerce.

Resource 1.png


From custom-coded tools to seamless integrations, we'll make sure all of the rest of Shopify's APIs are well configured and secure.



Our experts in Ecommerce consulting are available to explore and implement technologies and strategies that add to the growth of our clients.


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Get on the road to empowering your brand today: Pay only for what you use!

  • What can the Hour Bags be used for?
    We generally use them for Graphic design related to Web-ecommerce. Development and Programming. Technical support. Queries. Newsletter design from your e-commerce platform. Design and activation of Forms. Template update. Telephone conferences. Virtual and face-to-face work meetings. Video tutorials on how to do things on your own website. Troubleshooting. Data analysis, reporting with Google Data Studio*. Concept tests. and much more
  • Can I use bags of hours for performance campaigns?
    Yes! We have bags of specific hours for accompaniment and digital performance! These bags are not "single hours", they are conceived in monthly packages because even setting up advertising campaigns there is a lot to do, as you will receive a lot of traffic on your website you have to create a lot of content, in blogs, in newsletters, email marketing, specific landing pages etc. That is why we concentrate everything on a monthly basis, because once you are activated with advertising guidelines you will have to keep your potential clients interested in your brand! Thus, month after month, new content is created that we will also use in the guidelines and others.
  • How are the bags of loose hours?
    If you have an eCommerce or a website with specific needs such as: uploading new products, creating collections, creating blog posts, creating forms, changing images, creating single landing pages, we recommend the 20h, 40h bags of single hours. .. up to 200 hours at the service of your business. These bags expire after 6 months. This type of hour bags are not to create and monitor advertising campaigns on networks and Google as they involve recurring tasks month after month. For this you will have to hire the specific performance bags: they have the same prices but they are monthly.
  • Do bags of hours expire?
    For better or worse, Single Hour Bags do expire. But it happens 6 months after being hired and surely they will have been consumed with so much work that we will move forward so that your business grows and bears fruit. The Performance Hour Exchanges have a duration of one month, as they accompany the actions that are implemented in the performance month.
  • How long does Teipe Digital take to respond to incidents?
    We respond to incidents in less than one business day on business days. During weekends and holidays we respond within 48 hours.
  • Can I get a refund for  the hour bag?
    Yes! If you purchase Hour Bags packages for the first time, you can get a full refund for any remaining hours. If this is not the first time you have purchased Bags of Hours, you can exchange your Bulk Hours for a credit that can be applied to any service we offer.
  • How much does it cost to buy packages of Bags of Hours?
    Our prices are very simple and you can even buy bags of hours online - To buy and see the prices do click here
  • What can be done with  01:00 Hours Exchange time?
    An hour from the bag of hours can cover several small tasks or can be used to complete part of a more complicated task. A task is a technical or graphic adjustment to your store that takes one of our team members 1 hour or less. O Have a follow-up meeting or a meeting to define/review a need.
  • If a task only takes a few minutes, how much time is deducted from my Hours Bag?"
    We track our time by the minute, so if a task takes 00:07 minutes, we deduct 00:07 minutes from your hour pool. It literally is that simple.
  • Can I complete multiple tasks in a block of time?
    Yes! Your time can be spread over various services. It totally depends on your needs and how you want to prioritize the contracted time based on the estimated work time. For example, if you buy 30:00 hours, you can use 05:00 hours for graphic design, 15:00 hours for web development and custom coding, 02:00 hours to create a new landing page, etc. Before any task we will let you know how much time it is estimated to consume.

Do you want to know more about our packages and prices?

Each client and each business is different, that is why our budgets are tailored to your needs.

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