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Become the 'Netflix' of your Shopify store: Real-time customer analytics for Shopify with Lucky Orange

Don't just track Shopify data - master it!

As Shopify partners, we've seen firsthand how many companies overlook a gold mine of information within their own data.

The main culprit is often a poor ecommerce user experience. While Shopify provides powerful store analytics, many business owners in fashion, home decor or electronics, to name a few industries, struggle to understand and act on this data. This means losing money and opportunities. In this blog we will tell you how to perform real-time customer analytics for Shopify with Lucky Orange.

perspectivasde clientes a tiempo real en shopify con lucky orange

Optimize your Shopify fashion store with Lucky Orange: Transform data into useful information.

Lucky Orange is an all-in-one conversion optimization tool designed to help you truly understand how visitors interact with ecommerce. It goes beyond traditional analytics, providing real-time visual and actionable insights to improve the performance of your Shopify store.

Its main functions are:

  • With color-coded overlays, the famous heatmaps, you will be able to see where your visitors click the most throughout your fashion ecommerce, where they scroll and where they stop, thus revealing which sections are the most attractive, potential distractions and even which part of the landing page they are viewing, so for example, if it is very long you know how much information they are not reading.

  • You can observe real customer sessions through your ecommerce visitor recordings, visualizing exactly where they hesitate, where they encounter errors or where they get stuck in the checkout process.

  • With Form Analytics you will detect why people abandon forms (and at what point). Heat maps and form recordings identify the fields that cause the most confusion, unnecessary steps or technical problems that cause the loss of potential customers in your fashion ecommerce.

  • Conversion funnels offer a detailed tour of your customers' journey, highlighting the critical points where abandonment occurs, especially in sensitive areas of a fashion ecommerce such as the shopping cart and checkout process.

  • With Lucky Orange you can identify precisely at which stages of the funnel the largest number of users abandon the purchase, eliminating obstacles or improving the quality of the information provided.

  • Understanding your customers' behavior at these crucial stages will allow you to significantly increase conversions and maximize the performance of your Shopify store.

Heat Maps de Lucky Orange en Zahati. Teipe Digital para Shopify

Improve your fashion ecommerce on Shopify: How we drive data to results with Lucky Orange.

Case Study: Zahati Fashion Ecommerce with Real-Time Customer Analytics for Shopify

Lucky Orange's application was positioned as a key tool for Zahati's Shopify ecommerce by providing strategic functionalities that allowed us to improve the customer experience, help drive conversions and maximize sales.

First, Teipe Digital's team was able to optimize the customer journey by identifying all the critical and friction points on the landing pages and the elements that affected conversions. In this way, the navigation menu was structured in such a way that we provided the visitor with a coherent path according to the analysis of each of the interactions that we were studying from the recordings.

It also made it easier for the team to solve problems by detecting technical failures in real time, such as slow loading times in some sections, thus minimizing lost sales, optimizing resources and making the hours worked on the fashion ecommerce more effective.

With the duo between Shopify and Lucky Orange, the A/B testing we performed was much more insightful by providing a visualization of variation performance, which goes beyond simply analyzing raw numbers. This tool also allowed us to fully track ecommerce data, combining key Shopify metrics with Lucky Orange insights in order to provide a holistic view of the customer journey when browsing the Zahati store.

Uso de Lucky Orange en Shopify de Zahati por Teipe Digital

As the integrated team that we are at Teipe Digital, we understand that ecommerce success is not limited to simply installing different tools in an ecommerce. We go beyond that, interpreting and taking quick and proactive actions based on the data we collect from the different native and external Shopify applications.

Our Shopify expertise allows us to ensure that analytics work optimally from the start, allowing our customers to make the most of every business opportunity.

The daily and hourly monitoring we do is just one example of our constant effort to improve and maximize our clients' revenues. At Teipe Digital we do not consider ourselves a mere actor in the e-commerce of our clients, we strive to be committed allies to the success of all the stores we run.

Ready to take your online store to the next level? Contact us to let our team start helping you maximize your revenue and achieve e-commerce success.

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