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Being a Shopify partner ,
allows us as an agency,
provide you with a cutting-edge service, ensure that you reach your goals and guarantee an optimal shopping experience for the user.

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At Teipe Digital we will help you design
the perfect online store for your business.


We can boost your business with the benefits we have by being Shopify Partners:

Constant training to improve skills and knowledge with the tool, and thus provide you with a better service. 

informacion exclusiva.png

Access exclusive insights and early Shopify features to keep your store ahead of the curve.


Data, reports and statistics on the performance of the products and services that work best.

servicio tecnico.png

Priority technical service, to solve any technical or commercial issue related to the 24/7 portal.

plataforma intuitiva.png

Training to manage your store, add products and create promotions, among others, in the simplest and most intuitive way.

productos ilimitados.png

Many ecommerce platforms have limitations in terms of the number of products that you can host in your online store, in Shopify the space is unlimited.


Global sales without limits: integration of payments, currencies and languages, and markets, eliminating borders for your international online store.

carga ilimitada.png

With the unlimited bandwidth it offers, Shopify guarantees the stability of your store during high traffic events like Black Friday or Christmas.


Shopify, an innovative platform with its own server, automatically updates your store, guaranteeing modernity and efficiency.

Do you want to create an attractive and efficient online store?


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