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What is Green Marketing?

Caring for the environment is becoming a must for many brands, especially in fashion. Learn all about this trend!

As the environmental problems that endanger our planet become more evident, more people are willing to spend their money differently. Now they favor aspects that were previously indifferent, such as the proximity of the product, the use of recycled materials, the choice of better quality raw materials, among many other aspects. In Teipe Digital we tell you everything you want to know about green marketing and everything your brand should take into account when planning its future steps.

What is Green Marketing?

Green Marketing is in full swing and involves a number of different actions, such as creating an environmentally friendly product, using recyclable packaging or recycled products, adopting sustainable business practices (such as improvements in the production chain), or focusing marketing efforts on creating messages that communicate the benefits and raise awareness about the importance of choosing green products.

Although this type of marketing can be more expensive, it can also be more profitable as more and more people are joining the trend. To give an example, products made in North America tend to be more expensive than those made in the suburbs, where cheaper labor is used. However, their carbon footprint is much smaller because they don't have to cross the globe to get there. So, for many entrepreneurs and consumers, the environmental benefit justifies the price difference and also becomes a brand differential that sets them apart from their competition.

Green Marketing Methods

In addition to making an environmentally friendly product, it is also known that marketing uses a lot of resources unnecessarily. Here are some ideas that can be part of a green marketing strategy:

  • Use environmentally friendly paper and ink for printing marketing materials.

  • Have a recycling program

  • Use eco-friendly packaging

  • Use efficient packaging and shipping methods

Slow Fashion and sustainable fashion

Have you already heard these terms? If we talk about green marketing, we cannot forget how the fashion world has changed in recent years.

The fashion universe has always been characterized by being highly polluting and disposable. However, many fashion specialists have joined this trend, which more than a trend is a way of life: slow-fashion.

Slow fashion challenges both brands and consumers and means being more conscious about resource utilization, demand-driven production, selection of better quality raw materials that last longer.

The Richel case

Richel is a very special case of slow-fashion. It is a business that started some time ago and now the granddaughters of the founding entrepreneur are taking over and relaunching, using high quality fabrics that had fallen into disuse.

The pieces of this brand are made in small quantities, in conjunction with NGOs and workshops that work and train people in vulnerable situations. In all their collections you can find a label with the names, ages, and nationalities of the people who made each garment.

The company's packaging is also made from recycled products and is designed to be reusable. This is one of the main characteristics of green marketing that requires consistency in all brand processes.

Our team designed its new e-commerce, which reflects the combination of glamour and the commitment to contribute to a more responsible way of doing business. We invite you to visit it!

Did you already know about this trend? Does your brand adopt any of these practices? Are you thinking about where your business needs to go? At Teipe Digital our marketing team and sales specialists will help you plan a solid strategy, with future projections. Contact us now!


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