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How a jewelry eCommerce redesign on Shopify led to a huge increase in sales in a a fast timeframe

TIAHRA a women's accessories and jewelry store in Madrid, with two physical stores, recently embarked on a website redesign with Teipe Digital. The company wanted a new website that would better reflect the brand and products, and also be more intuitive and user-friendly for customers. In this article, we are going to analyze the redesign process and what factors they took into account to carry it out.

What made the redesign of this ecommerce necessary to improve its sales?

TIAHRA's website redesign is a perfect example of how a simple and effective new interface can help drive traffic and conversions. The company, which focuses on selling accessories, noticed that after several years of launching its website, the online store was not converting, very low traffic and a very high bounce rate. With a new design focused on simplicity and ease of use, TIAHRA was able to significantly improve its conversion rates and regain lost traffic.

Key objectives:

  • Image revamp: it was necessary to refresh its appearance to a much more modern and simplified one, while maintaining its corporate identity.

  • Navigability: one of the crucial elements in this ecommerce redesign, focused on allowing visitors to find the desired product quickly.

  • Optimization: necessary for any online business!

Muestra de la tienda online antes del rediseño y propuesta a llevar a cabo por el equipo de Teipe Digital
TIAHRA jewelry eCommerce -before-

Performance track record in terms of navigation and conversions

Tiahra, a small women's jewelry company focused on the 30-60 age range, with a strong social media presence, has been in operation for almost ten years in Spain.

Their website, however, did not reflect their success and experience. The design was dated and the colors are not attractive. The navigation is confusing and difficult to use. In addition, most of the images were in different formats giving a cluttered and inconsistent appearance. The template was custom made at the time but there was no way to navigate, any changes had to be done by codes, making it difficult for the store owner himself to make changes, and therefore it was not updated regularly as it should be.

Overall, their performance according to Hubspot's Website grader was 6/30 basically for having a disproportionately large page size for the amount of products, too many page requests that slowed down their speed, which in loading reached almost 40 seconds, being so slow greatly affected their conversions and sales. The images were very large, took a long time to load and did not adapt well on other devices.

Fortunately in SEO they were very good, although none of the images had alternative text, so the possibilities for improvement in this aspect were also positive.

Colecciones creadas para facilitar la navegabilidad en la tienda online
Navigability in TIAHRA

In short, TIAHRA's website urgently needed a redesign to match the company's success and brand image they had on social media.

Web redesign navigability proposal

Once the design of TIAHRA's website was analyzed and areas for improvement were detected, a new design was proposed in Shopify focused on improving the user experience. Being expert Shopify partners, one of the most important things we saw necessary was to implement a native Shopify template, ensuring that the selected template would bring good results, proven by the platform itself, as well as allowing the founder of the brand to edit his own online business.

A detailed analysis was made regarding the structure and content of the website, as well as its design and navigability. From this analysis, a series of recommendations for the redesign of the website were elaborated, highlighting the structure of the website itself, creating different collections that could guide the user to go through the website, to easily find the product he/she is looking for, thus making the navigability much more effective and decreasing the bounce rate.

In terms of product image, photographs were taken for each product using the same parameters, same angle, same light, in order to provide consistency in their brand identity. Much more descriptive product cards were created to leave no doubt in the air and ensure conversion.

La importancia de una ficha de producto descriptiva tanto a nivel imagen como a nivel de texto
Optimization at photographic level

From the point of view of relevant content for the customer, the page did not reflect the essentials:
Handmade products, betting on sustainability and slow fashion, pure craftsmanship and unique designs...

Moving away from ordinary fashion jewelry brands and getting closer to personalized and high quality design. Bringing in each page and each product, cultural brushstrokes that make this brand stand out in design: the hint of the exotic from India, the meaning of each stone reflected in the personality and character of each piece, creating timeless jewelry inspired by its landscapes, its culture, its colors and stones.

The relevance of product pages in an online store

A considerable part of the low conversion rate of this online jewelry store in Spain was due to the lack of descriptive product information. When buying online the visitor has no notion of the volume, texture, and brightness of the product you want to buy, photography plays a vital role in this aspect, so it was necessary to create a battery of very descriptive product photos, emphasizing the light projected by its embossments and gemstones, so that at a glance you could see if the stone was translucent or not. In addition to taking photos at many angles to be able to appreciate each side of the product.

Textual description also carries an important role. Particularly the jewelry designed by Tiahra are made in such a way that regardless of the size they are very light, so that consumers can wear large earrings without hurting or tiring. A crucial point to define in each product file when it comes to deciding to buy it. In addition to clearly establish the measurements, weight, materials and care.

Fichas de producto descriptivas, información relevante para el consumidor, mejoras en sus conversiones
New TIAHRA product pages

To avoid leaving the visitor with doubts, we have chosen to always leave visible on the product sheets the most frequently asked questions regarding the jewelry in the store and of course all the information regarding the shipping of the purchase: times, prices and conditions.

Online store results after the redesign implemented by Teipe Digital

The results showed a significant increase in organic traffic from social media and direct search, with a 150% increase in the number of visits. In addition, the average time users spent on the website also increased significantly, indicating greater user interest and engagement, their online sales improved by 170%, and they were able to detect a 34% increase in repeat visits compared to the previous design.

Comparativa de los primeros 3 meses con el nuevo diseño versus los mismos meses del año anterior
Mejoras rápidamente visibles en la tienda online de TIAHRA


After carrying out the complete redesign of TIAHRA's website, focusing on user experience improvements. In general we relied on a simplified and more intuitive website navigation flow; implementing a more effective content strategy to provide relevant and useful information to users, through detailed product descriptions, product photos on models to better perceive their proportions, landing pages on how to care for the product, manufacturing processes, FAQs, details regarding deliveries and returns, and other information necessary to positively influence the purchase decision.

We invite you to visit their online store, we assure you unique, comfortable and elegant products for any occasion! We are fans of Tiahra! :)


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