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Best practices on Instagram: 7 tips to increase your conversions

There are super effective strategies to make your brand take advantage of the millions of users that use Instagram every day. From Teipe we share 7 tips to increase your conversions.

Instagram is one of the most chosen social networks by users, and you should definitely have a presence on it! However, having an account to position your brand, get new leads, and increase your sales is not enough. There are effective strategies to boost your reach, create loyalty and increase your conversions. From Teipe we share with you 7 best practices on Instagram that will help you improve your funnel and your return on investment.


Although creating effective ads and advertising our posts is important, creating relevant content for our followers will make the algorithm highlight our posts organically, making our content reach more people and that will positively impact your goals. Continue reading the article and grow your project!

1. Share content of value

When making your grid, did you take into account what your followers want? Did you seek to inspire them, educate them, entertain them or share valuable content?

Although we know that marketing has gone from being focused on the product to being focused on the users, many companies continue to make the same mistakes, talking only about the benefits of their products and forgetting those who are going to buy them. What are the pain points of your audience? And their gain points? In order for our users to stop scrolling and stop to see what we have to tell them, we need to use our imagination and creativity..

2. Follow your followers

A very good tip to strengthen ties with our followers is to follow them and interact with them, especially when they have left us a comment, a question or a suggestion! An additional plus is that, by having them among your contacts, you will be able to see their complete profiles. This will help you learn more about how they live, what their tastes are and, in this way, you will be able to optimize your strategies.

A fluid and constant relationship with your users will not only benefit them directly, but will also show the algorithm that you know how to create good content for them, which will boost your organic performance.

3. Add hashtags to increase visibility

Did you know that you can increase the visibility of your brand and products by adding hashtags to your posts, stories, and IGTV? Instagram allows you to browse through hashtags so that when a user does a search, your posts appear to them even if they don't follow your account.


Although you can include a large number of hashtags, from Teipe we suggest that you add only those that are relevant to your objectives. The key is to find the perfect balance between the broad and the precise, without falling into a hashtag that 50 people follow but narrow enough so that your users can find you in a sea of publications.

Using irrelevant hashtags will make your posts look like spam and will lower the performance of your posts, keeping in mind that we are looking to increase conversions! As tempting as it may sound to join all the trends, aim to attract relevant traffic to your page.

4. Repost and interact with user-generated content

As the name suggests, social networks are just that: social networks. And like any good relationship, nurturing it is essential to reap good fruits!

We like to be recognized in real life, and the same is true on social media. When a user generates content related to our products, they invest time and dedication... and there is nothing better than a good thank you! Take a few minutes to respond with a few heartfelt words and show interest in their contribution, either by replying to the comment or sharing it in your stories.

Another good strategy is to work to generate a sense of community among your users. Turning your brand into a lifestyle is possible, but it is a long-term and painstaking job. However, this effort has its rewards and will create a sense of trust and loyalty that is very difficult to break or replace.

You can also attract new leads through giveaways of products or services. This is a very effective way to increase interactions and likes, but be careful! The choice of prizes must be in line with your audience: what good will it do you to add followers who have no interest in what you are selling? That will only increase what we call "vanity metrics" but will not bring any benefit for your purposes.

5. Product labeling

Save your users as many steps as possible. Many times we see something we like on Instagram, we go to the web to find it and .... what were you looking for?


Increase conversions by redirecting your users from your Instagram Shopping. It is a super effective tool, which brings our users closer to the price of the product and additional information to buy it in a few simple steps!

Keep in mind that this feature is only available for commercial profiles approved by Instagram. So if you are about to create your profile, check that you meet all the requirements to take full advantage of the platform.

6. Good photos and good designs

Having beautiful and professional photos is another key to success. Instagram is a super visual application, and no matter how much dedication you put into your copies... If your photos are of low quality or have an unattractive composition, they may not be effective.


7. Visual coherence in your digital ecosystem

To conclude, you have a nice Instagram, with super interesting content that you like a lot but your conversion rate is still very low. This may be because you've put a lot of energy into your Instagram site but your website is very sloppy and just as your users come in to buy, they leave! Your website should be simple to navigate, concrete and as inspiring as your Instagram feed.

In Teipe Digital we have everything you need to improve your accounts or create them from scratch. Do not hesitate! Positioning your brand in networks is the future, start now!


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