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5 e-Commerce trends for 2022

5G, sustainability and local products are just some of the ecommerce trends you'll need to keep in mind for your brand this 2022. Read on and keep your business ahead of the curve.

If we learned anything in 2020 and 2021, it is that we have to be prepared for any eventuality. To be competitive and make our business grow it is necessary to be up to date, have a fresh, agile and useful brand for our users, keeping an eye on what is coming to strike first and take advantage. Therefore, in this post from Teipe Digital we want to share with you 5 trends in ecommerce for this 2022.

If you still don't have an ecommerce or you have an outdated one, don't despair! We will help you create it in no time, reflecting the spirit of your brand and creating a unique style that differentiates you from your competition. Contact us now!

#1 Trends in ecommerce: 5G will be widespread and bring new tools

2022 will be the year of true 5G deployment, at least in the most important urban centers worldwide, with more robust technological infrastructure. This will not only bring faster connection on mobile devices, but opens the door to a world of tools impossible to implement with 4G networks.

5G means having a host of new services in real time, especially those related to augmented reality, virtual reality, image and voice recognition, artificial intelligence and Big Data.

By 2022, all of these technologies will be more accessible to small businesses. It will also translate into more powerful marketing tools that enable true omnichannel and a business opportunity for brands that are willing to take a risk and be ahead of the curve.

#2 Sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses

Our users are increasingly aware of the negative impacts of pollution, of wasteful consumption, of the importance of reducing plastic consumption and of prioritizing quality over quantity. Therefore, if you were thinking of continuing to use plastic bubbles in your packaging, you should review your business model!

Sustainability is a marketing trend and will undoubtedly be one of the eCommerce trends for 2022. You can start thinking about including information on the origin of what you sell, how to reuse and recycle it in the product cards of your store.

The green trend is becoming an imposition and if you want to stand out from your competition, it is a vein that you should not leave aside.

#3 Second hand, upcycling and vintage

Following on from the previous point, another trend in ecommerce and marketing for 2022 will be upcycling and second-hand items.

The big retailers are already including second-hand sections in their stores. You would also do well to include a similar section in your own eCommerce... and look for suppliers of upcycling products (made with reused materials).

#4 Asian products will no longer be so profitable.

The cost of containerized shipping has increased tenfold and is not likely to fall any time soon. In addition, during the pandemic people have been spending less than usual, so there is now a sum of money available that causes demand to outstrip supply, keeping prices up.

eCommerce businesses with suppliers in China and Southeast Asia may have a hard time at least in the first half of 2022, but especially dropshippers. Add to all this that the economic growth in these countries is still very strong, so there will be many imported items that you may no longer want to sell.

#5 Back to local products and zero kilometer

Three reasons already explained in this post make local products competitive and in demand again: sustainability, product availability and cost.

One of the strongest bets in eCommerce and marketing trends for 2022 is the rise of proximity products, and not only in food. We recommend you start looking for suppliers closer to you and reorient your business, not only because of supply problems, but also because consumers are increasingly looking at where the product they buy comes from.

Intelligence and creativity to keep growing

The ecommerce trends of 2022 are linked to changes in the perceptions of our users, in their awareness of the environment, in geopolitical issues of supply and demand, in the arrival of new technologies that will impose their own logics and in the impact of the pandemic that, although no longer a novelty, continues to be a problem worldwide (especially in countries where many of the products that are marketed globally are produced).

Businesses will face many challenges this year, so having a team of sales and marketing professionals is essential. Contact us now and get the advice you are looking for.


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