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Optimizing Fashion Ecommerce: CeliaB Success Story on Shopify - 5 Steps to Improve User Experience and Increase Conversions

At Teipe Digital, we are pleased to present our recent project for the renowned fashion brand CeliaB. While the visual look and feel of the ecommerce site remains largely unchanged, we performed extensive back-end work on the Shopify platform to optimize the user experience and boost conversions. Below, we share the key details and results achieved, demonstrating how our fashion and ecommerce technology expertise can transform a brand's online presence.

Complete Analysis of Fashion Ecommerce on the Shopify Platform

We conducted a thorough audit from Google, SEO and Shopify to identify areas for improvement. All of our decisions were based on best practices and in the best interest of the client.

Conducting a full fashion ecommerce audit before starting any project is essential to establish a clear baseline and thoroughly understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the online store. By meticulously examining key aspects such as Google performance, SEO status and Shopify platform functionality, we can identify specific areas that require attention and develop effective strategies to address them.

These comprehensive assessments allow us to make informed decisions with the client and ensure that every step we take is supported by hard data and aligned with our clients' objectives.

Similarly, conducting an audit after implementing changes gives us the opportunity to contrast and measure the impact of our actions in the short term. By comparing the results obtained with the initial data collected during the initial audit, we can accurately assess the progress made and determine the success of the improvements implemented.

This feedback allows us to adjust our strategy as necessary and ensure that we are on track to achieve the project's long-term objectives.

Optimización del backend de Shopify para el ecommerce de CeliaB por Teipe Digital

Shopify Back-End Optimization for Fashion Ecommerce

In our mission to optimize CeliaB's fashion ecommerce, we faced the challenge of long loading times and navigation issues. We worked on bug fixes and back-end code optimization, which resulted in a significant reduction in load time by 51.4%.

This improvement not only ensures a faster and more efficient user experience, but also increases customer confidence and satisfaction when interacting with the site, in addition to substantially reducing the bounce rate. We fixed bugs that affected navigation, thus improving the fluidity of the user experience and of course higher conversions for the fashion ecommerce.

We remain committed to continuous improvement, these early results demonstrate the positive impact back-end optimization has on the user experience and overall success of this fashion ecommerce.

Optimizing Fashion Ecommerce: Improving the Buying Process at CeliaB

To optimize the purchasing process on CeliaB's website, we focused on making the navigation more intuitive and enjoyable for users. We simplified the steps necessary to complete a purchase, consolidating and optimizing the flow to minimize any possible friction. This simplification allows users to complete their purchases more quickly and efficiently, significantly improving their experience.

In addition, we implemented several enhancements to the ecommerce code that optimize navigation and facilitate quick decision making. These modifications include improving product layout and visibility, as well as introducing more effective filtering and search functions.

We also worked on optimizing page load during the checkout process, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience. These improvements not only benefit users, but also have the potential to increase conversion rates and the overall performance of the CeliaB site.

Improving Fashion Ecommerce Conversions with Optimized CTAs on Shopify

In our effort to optimize CeliaB's ecommerce, we refine and enhance CTAs to effectively direct users to purchase, thus improving the conversion rate. A well-designed and strategically placed CTA provides clear guidance for users, facilitating their navigation and reducing any indecision. This is crucial in the fashion industry, where competition is high and the user experience must be flawless.

In addition, by optimizing the design, text and placement of CTAs on the Shopify platform, we significantly increase the likelihood that users will take desired actions such as purchases or subscriptions, directly driving conversions and the commercial success of the site.

Strengthening the Local Connection with Shopify Translate & Adapt:

To ensure a smooth and constant localization process, we implemented Shopify's native app "Translate & Adapt". This choice ensures that the site is always up to date and runs smoothly. The addition of the Spanish language, although the CeliaB brand has been successful worldwide with only one language, adds a touch of closeness and authenticity, especially important for the local Spanish market.

As a Spanish brand, offering the site in Spanish not only strengthens the connection with its local audience, but can also enhance the user experience and foster greater loyalty among Spanish-speaking customers.

Prueba Gratis la plataforma de Shopify con Teipe Digital


The changes implemented had a significant impact:

  • We improved navigation and reduced page load time.

  • We increased the fluidity and speed of the purchase process.

  • We improved the effectiveness of CTAs, which resulted in a higher conversion rate.

  • Expanded the scope of the site with the addition of a new language.

  • We made it easier to find stores with a more intuitive store mapper.

All of this was achieved in a short timeframe, aligned with the critical dates of an important launch for the brand. We are proud to have delivered a project that not only improves the user experience, but also boosts conversions for CeliaB.

At Teipe Digital, we are committed to delivering effective and customized solutions for each client. If you are looking to optimize your ecommerce and boost your conversions, contact us today!


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