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After-sales service: why it's so important for your business

Do you think that after-sales service is of little use? From Teipe Digital we assure you that after reading this article you will value this stage of e-commerce like no one else.

Believe it or not, most online stores consider that the ultimate goal of their business is to sell, charge and ship the product, without worrying about further details. However, they are missing out on a rich universe of possibilities: to generate free advertising, learn more about consumers, and build audience loyalty. All that with after-sales service? Yes! And in this article, we tell you how you can take advantage of it too.

  1. What is after-sales service?

  2. Why after-sales service is important

  3. How to offer a good after-sales service

  4. Are you going to implement after-sales service?

What is after-sales service?

We call after-sales service to all the actions that we maintain with the customer once the purchase is completed. It is, therefore, a task as essential as the other strategies you have implemented so far in your online store.

Correctly executing the after-sales service is essential for your brand to be successful and have a good reputation in the long term. Therefore, we will now delve into why this service is important.

Why is after-sales service important?

Did you know that after-sales service is an incredible source of revenue? Of course, it's the #1 action you can take to build customer loyalty and get new ones! You always have to remember that word of mouth is the best advertising your brand can have.

But in addition, here are some points that you should start to value now:

  • It is very effective in creating brand loyalty: mainly because it is very pleasant for your customers to know that they can count on your company's support after making a purchase.

  • A satisfied customer is your best advertisement: online shopping still generates distrust in many users. And a negative review can be really damaging for your brand. So don't underestimate the power of a good deal and always go for the five stars.

  • A satisfied customer tends to buy more than once: it is always easier to offer a new product or service to a customer who has already had a good experience with your brand than to a new one who does not know it yet.

  • They are a source of information for your store: you can learn a lot from your customers and thus optimize your services and products. Try doing small online surveys about their experience with your brand, get their point of view on the buying process or ask them for suggestions to help you improve.

How to offer a good after-sales service

You have many actions available to provide an effective after-sales service that will leave your customers very satisfied! Here are some ideas that you can implement in your business.

#1 Adding value to your customers

Don't communicate with them only to ask them to buy from you. We all like to receive things for free, so take advantage of this and offer them relevant content to keep in touch. It can be blog articles or videos with tips, trends, useful information, entertainment or whatever you can think of!

#2 Listen to customers

What's the point of doing a survey if you don't plan to change anything? It is important that you take action on the matter and act to address your customers' criticisms. Otherwise, you may generate the opposite effect to the desired one. Don't ignore their suggestions and if there is a problem, correct it as best you can.

#3 Offers consulting and maintenance services

If your services or products require it, this can be very good for your brand. The key is to make your customers feel confident with their purchases.

#4 Never do invasive email marketing campaigns

Although email marketing is a very effective tool, it will be very counterproductive for your brand to bombard your audience with hundreds of messages. At this point we suggest that you do a good debugging and segmentation of your database and send the right message to each type of customer.

Are you going to implement after-sales service?

You have already decided what your post-sales strategy will be: defined questionnaires, automated certain messages and even created interesting content for your audience .... Congratulations! You will see great results in a short time, that's for sure.

Keep in mind that you can automate many actions using the right software to maximize your resources and create very effective workflows.

At Teipe Digital we can help you select the right tools for your business and create 360° strategies. Contact us now and get more information!


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