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Ecommerce of handmade hats and handbags with more than 100 years of history. The brand strives to recover the craftsmanship giving it a modern twist and adapting its products to the current times.

In this case, Teipe Digital's team was in charge of redesigning the site, creating a browsing experience that emulates the shopping experience in the physical store. In the past, the collections did not reflect the user's behavior, which generated long product searches and therefore a high abandonment rate. Significant work has been done in reality to capture the modern, contemporary woman in each of the products, creating a connection between their social networks and their online store.

Usability and interaction improvements

  • Restructuring of the sitemap to improve navigation.

  • Improvements in the distribution of collections according to the moment and the way of buying.

  • Creation of seasonal specific collections.

  • Updates to the product cards to ensure a smoother flow of information, including more photos to allow visitors to better appreciate the shapes and proportions of each product.

  • Improved checkout and reduced abandoned carts.

Improved visibility and positioning

  • The project was carried out to change the look and user experience of the ecommerce

  • We implemented a new template that was adapted in different sections by custom codes, giving the online store a more modern look and improving the user experience.

  • Content creation for informative landing pages.

  • Content creation for the blog section.

  • Strategy and implementation of performance campaigns.

  • Strategy and implementation of email marketing campaigns.

After carrying out all the changes in the website and starting performance campaigns in different digital channels, we have achieved: ROAS of 3%.  71% increase in online store sessions. Increase of Returning Customers rate to 18%. Open markets in different countries in Europe, the United States and Latin America.  With these visible changes only two months after implementing the changes and actions, the future of this brand looks very promising!

Ready to take your business to the next level? Choose the option that best suits you and find out how we can help you build a new online store from scratch or boost your existing store to achieve online success.

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