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Ecommerce of handmade jewelry based in Madrid, with designs inspired by India. They are committed to unique designs, and a very personalized customer service in their stores in Madrid that they want to transfer to the digital environment.

Teipe Digital was hired by TIAHRA to carry out a major website redesign initiative. In its previous state it consisted of a scrolling down list of products with no CTAs, no filters, a poor user experience and many abandoned carts and navigations. With the main objective of improving the user experience we performed a complete restructuring of the website.

Usability and interaction improvements

  • Deployment of tag-based search functions and artificial intelligence (AI) filters.

  • Automated and personalized configuration of branded marketing emails.

  • Optimized mobile accessibility on the website.

Improved visibility and positioning

  • Performance optimization of advertising campaigns on Google and social networks.

  • SEO optimization.

  • Traffic increase.

  • Email Marketing Strategy.

  • Email automations

As a result, users noticed a marked improvement in the convenience of the checkout process, payment and order fulfillment. In the first 3 months alone Tiahra experienced: 37% increase in transactions. 45% increase in revenue. 6 months after the design and usability change: Sessions to ecommerce increased by 24%. From having a very low Returning customer rate, we managed to reach 12.6%, reducing abandoned carts. Recovering abandoned carts by 24% through recovery emails. Average page navigation time increased from 50 seconds to +4 minutes with conversions.These results reflect the success of the collaboration with Teipe Digital and the importance of an improved user experience for the growth and success of an online business.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Choose the option that best suits you and find out how we can help you build a new online store from scratch or boost your existing store to achieve online success.

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