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An Irish market place dedicated to the discovery of emerging designers from all over Europe, embracing sustainable fashion among its brand values. Labelrow believes in the beauty of timelessness, in style that transcends short-lived trends and in garments that become key pieces for years to come.

The challenge in this project involved revitalizing the online presence of this brand. To do so, a new design was implemented by stripping it of all previous codes to streamline loading. The focus was on improving its navigability and user experience, working on reinforcing the brand identity, creating a cohesive entity that highlighted the unique essence of each designer while conveying a unified image of Labelrow.

Usability and interaction improvements

  • User experience improvements in the purchase process.

  • Automated campaign strategy to improve post-purchase and attract repeat purchases.

  • Selection and implementation of better logistics partners for shipping purchases.

  • Migration of Jetti's marketplace platform to MultiVendor

  • Implementation for all sellers.

Improved visibility and positioning

  • The project was carried out to change the look and user experience of the ecommerce

  • A new template was implemented and adapted in different sections by custom codes, giving the online store a more modern look and improving the user experience.

  • Product tabs were updated to ensure a smoother flow of information.

  • Strategy and implementation of performance campaigns.

  • Strategy and implementation of email marketing campaigns focused on conversion.

  • Social media strategy

Among the most outstanding results in terms of visibility, we can say that the brand achieved:  Obtain a unique essence of itself, communicating at all times its values and beliefs betting on slow fashion.  This, together with the UX improvements during the purchase process, has: Fostered the increase of sessions in the online store exponentially.  At a logistical level, the migration to the MultiVendor platform consolidated the management of the marketplace for all sellers, providing a more fluid B2B experience.  Performance and email marketing strategies proved effective in increasing LabelRow's visibility and reach, generating sustainable growth.

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