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Why you need to update your shopify theme: the "face lifts" for online stores

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Just as anyone goes to the hairdresser to cover gray hair or resorts to botox to erase wrinkles in order to look and feel better, so does your online store: Theme updates always bring improvements, after all, the digital world is an evolving world, every day brings new features designed to improve the user experience.

... So then yes, it is very important to have your website updated. At Teipe Digital we are used to carry out these Shopify theme updates, read on to find out what you need before, during and after the process.

In this blog we will tell you:

Why is it healthy to keep your online store up to date?

It is a task that you should have as a regular task, we recommend making updates at least twice a year, it is the perfect time to:

  • Make a total review of your store: what works and what doesn't? What should I improve so that the user experience is optimal?

  • It is also the ideal time to do an inventory inspection, to know which products sell best and how they perform.

  • Also for the technological inventory review: the apps, which ones work well, which ones are essential, and which ones could be improved?

  • Refresh the look & feel of your store, first impressions really count!

  • Updates to ecommerce themes often bring improvements in SEO and load times, so don't miss the chance!

  • They also bring improvements in the responsiveness of your ecommerce on other mobile devices, the famous responsiveness.

Before updating your ecommerce theme, what do you need to take into account?

First of all, a list of what you want to improve, what is not working for you, and the checklist of what you should do before proceeding with the theme update:

  • Make sure it's a good time to do it in terms of sales; don't do it just before summer sales or black Friday or Christmas campaigns!

  • Plan time for unforeseen events, just as you don't want to do an update before sales milestones, don't do it before launching a new collection for example. You should allow time after the update for any unexpected repairs.

  • Keep a backup copy before proceeding with the upgrade.

  • Check beforehand the behavior of your apps, as mentioned above is the ideal time to track the ones that work best and are essential for your ecommerce.

  • Check the records of the customizations you have made by code, and of course always keep everything documented.

  • If your online store has had many customizations by code and adhoc configurations, make sure you have a specialized team with experience in these tasks so that you have the necessary support.

What to do after performing a theme update on Shopify?

It is normal with updates that unforeseen events arise, such as some functions not starting or not performing exactly the same and needing some adjustment. In any case you have taken your precautions and have extra time for these unforeseen events, and if you have a digital support team, even better! We recommend some post-upgrade steps:

  • First of all, don't publish the new theme without first carrying out the necessary tests.

  • Check your new features or features that the update brings, there is always room for improvements that you can test, such as new drag and drop design sections that can attract more conversions.

  • Retest again, make a purchase and return, this way you ensure that your customer's customer journey is not affected and is seamless. Add to cart, go through the checkout, test the new apps you have installed (like wishlist app, shop the look, delivery apps and others)...

  • Document all the changes you have made, both in design and programming, configurations, codes and apps.

  • We recommend that over time you document the improvements or bugs that you detect, so that if you decide to make changes you can refer to the history and not lose any details.

At Teipe Digital we are proud to share a success case for a fashion focused store, to whom we annually make at least two theme updates in Shopify.

Seeing absolute improvements in terms of conversion: user experience, loading speed, improvements in product cards, detecting the best apps, improving the rate of customer return.

Their updates are already part of business habits, with excellent quality products and high penetration performance campaigns.

Relying on Teipe Digital's team to carry out a thorough methodology of digital support.


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