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How to make money with Instagram: what works in 2022

You're probably wondering how to make money with Instagram and if it's really worth investing resources, time and dedication in positioning your brand on this platform. From Teipe Digital we can tell you that the answer is yes! This social network is still in fashion, millions of users use it every day and it offers many monetization mechanisms that will help you boost your business sales.

You don't need to have millions of followers to make a profit. You just need to understand how the platform works to take full advantage of it. The more you know about your audience, their tastes, and their consumption habits and take advantage of their pain points and gain points, the better results you will obtain. And also if you understand that your brand can leverage the positioning of other users, creating alliances and relationships of mutual convenience.

How to make money with Instagram? Actions with influencers

By now we all know that influencers are referents that have a strong reach and power of action in a more or less wide group of people.

But when do we talk about influencers when they are users with more than 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or 1 million followers? In the marketing world it is considered that those users who have more than 5 thousand followers can provide great benefits to companies. These types of referrers are known as "micro influencers" or "niche influencers".

Micro or niche influencers

It has been proven that it is not necessarily necessary to have millions of followers to be considered an influencer. And even in many occasions, big celebrities do not have the right profiles to meet the needs of most brands. Actions with smaller or niche influencers tend to get better results as they are more closed, close and trusted communities with their audience.

In addition, their fees are certainly not the same if you compare them with those of long-established personalities. Here you will have to evaluate the cost benefit for your brand and make projections on what will be the best investment according to your budget. Sometimes it is better to sustain smaller actions in the long run than to burn all the cartridges in one shot.

So, if your business is fashion or design, you can think about creating actions in conjunction with micro influencers, whose communities are interested in your particular sector.

Create quality content

Content marketing is one of the keys to a successful marketing strategy. Make sure you create interesting posts, with good resolution and sound. Instagram is an audiovisual platform that rewards those posts made in high resolution that catch users and make them stay longer on the platform.

You can offer inspirational videos, reels, tutorials, unboxing,... whatever you can think of! You can also try contests and sweepstakes that have to do with the products or services marketed by your brand. This way your content will reach more people.

Add hashtags to your posts

Use few but effective hashtags. It is a quick and easy way to increase your visibility. Check that they are niche, neither too big nor too small, and that they are constantly being renewed.

Which ones are the most suitable for you? Hashtags that have between 5 thousand and 30 thousand publications are an excellent option for you. It means that they are used by users but not excessively. They don't have hundreds of thousands or millions of publications, where your posts can go unnoticed. So if your content is quality, you have a good chance of reaching new accounts through niche hashtags.

Add location

It is not necessary to share your exact location, but marking that you are in a certain city or in a certain store will help your publication to be more visible.

Many times users explore content through location. This is a very common practice, especially when you are sightseeing, so you can find a great opportunity there!

Write short and eye-catching texts

As we mentioned before, Instagram is an essentially audiovisual platform. Therefore, we suggest you keep your descriptions short, direct and attractive.

Encourage your audience to interact with your posts. You can do this with questions, encouraging them to leave their reaction in the comments or to save your posts. This way Instagram's algorithm will understand that the contents of your account are relevant to users, increasing the reach of your posts organically.

Work on your feed

Your feed is the first thing a user sees when entering your profile. How many times does it happen that a post is very attractive but when reviewing the rest of the account we find a completely different picture?

Achieving harmony between all your publications generates trust in your audience and increases your chances of growing both in sales and followers.

Create a publication calendar

Publish content on a regular basis. We suggest you create a monthly content grid for your networks. This will give you order and predictability. It is also highly recommended to publish during the week, since many people make plans on weekends and tend to be farther away from their cell phones.

Choose the times when the highest number of users connect. To find out what they are, you can take advantage of the platform's own measurement tools that provide you with information about the activity of your users. Or you can also access other paid APPS that will provide you with complementary information.

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