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9 ways how Artificial Intelligence can improve your Ecommerce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already among us. Everyone is talking about ChatGPT and its goodness and as we know this technology has become more and more common and users/businesses can benefit and Ecommerse are no exception. That's why we have identified the 9 easy to implement solutions for your Shopify Shop. Find out in this article what they are for and how to use them to improve your Ecommerce and get amazing results.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science dedicated to the development of programs capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence, such as pattern recognition, automated learning or natural language processing. In recent years, artificial intelligence has begun to be used in many areas of activity, including Ecommerce. In fact, according to a study conducted by McKinsey, the economic impact of artificial intelligence could become very significant: it is estimated that in 2030 it could generate an annual global added value between 5 and 15 trillion dollars. Although Microsoft's announcement of the chatGPT investment has already far exceeded this figure.

Although we are still in the genesis of its development and application, there are already applications of artificial intelligence that can improve Ecommerce. Below, we list 10 of them:

1. Automating customer service tasks: AI can be used to automate customer service tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions, providing product recommendations, and responding to customer inquiries. This can free up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Overall we really like as it is an embeddable platform in Shopify that solves three things: reporting, order fullfilment and inventory management.

2. Customizing the shopping experience: AI can be used to personalize each customer's shopping experience. This includes showing them relevant products and ads based on their past behavior and preferences.

WISER is an Upsell & Cross Sell focused recommender with an AI engine.

3. Data analytics: AI can help you analyze large amounts of data quickly and effectively. This data can be used to improve your marketing campaigns, understand what customers want and make better decisions for your business.

We certainly like a lot for Shopify store data analysis from customer behavior, identifying business opportunities and much more.

4. Improve search results: AI can help you improve search results on your website so that customers can find what they are looking for more easily. This improved search functionality can generate more sales.

AI Search & Product Filter is a Shopify native app that uses Machine Learning and NLP (natural language processing) to improve the search and filtering process in shopify ecommerce.

5. Targeted lead generation: AI can be used to generate targeted leads for your business. This means you will be able to reach potential customers who are more likely to become paying customers.

Reaching real customers is becoming increasingly difficult, so tools like Concured can help automate and create quality content for audiences that are right for your business.

6. Automated inventory management: A big part of e-commerce is inventory management. There are many factors to consider, such as what products are in stock, how many of each product to keep in stock, when to replenish, etc. Automating your inventory management with AI can save you a lot of time and hassle. It can also help boost your sales by making sure you always have the right products in stock when your customers need them.

We share our favorite App available in the Shopify APP Store: Virtual Inventory Assistant.

7. Optimización de precios automatizada: la idea es que los precios se ajusten automáticamente en función de los datos en tiempo real, como los precios de la competencia, la demanda y la oferta. Al utilizar IA para automatizar la fijación de precios, las empresas pueden estar seguras de que siempre ofrecen el mejor precio posible, lo que puede ayudar a aumentar las ventas y aumentar la participación de mercado.

Sugerimos investigar sobre Dynamic Pricing Optimization, es una app que analiza la competencia y permite aplicar nuevos precios basados en reglas dominadas por AI.

8. Automating product recommendations: this means that instead of you or your staff spending time researching and suggesting products to customers, an artificial intelligence system can do it for you. Basically, an AI system can track customer behavior and preferences over time, meaning that recommendations will only get better and more accurate as time goes on. Ultimately, using AI as a product recommendation will save you time and money and significantly increase your sales.

Vanga AI: This is an AI assistant that promotes and recommends products in an automated way. You no longer have to spend hours thinking about how to combine and recommend products.

9. Chatbots for customer service: one of the most popular applications of AI in e-commerce would be for conversational chatbots for customer service, with the goal of increasing customer experience and the following are the reasons why they look the worst:

1. Chatbots can provide 24/7 support.

2. They can handle multiple chats simultaneously.

3. They can collect data on customer queries and use it to improve their products and services.

4. They can cross-sell and up-sell products and services.

5. Chatbots can provide a personalized experience for each customer.

Chatbots never get tired and are always ready to help!

There are many intelligent chatbots and in various forms; but choosing the right one is complicated, so we recommend you to analyze the following one that in addition to being an assistant, has quizzes and connects with Facebook and Instagram. Relish AI Chatbot is a good recommendation.


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