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4 useful tips about private sales for your fashion ecommerce pre-launch sales

Pre-launch private sale is a marketing technique in which existing customers are offered discounts to purchase new products before their official launch. This strategy has long been used by large and small companies as it has proven to be very effective, especially in fashion, jewelry and accessories. Find out in this article how your company can benefit from pre-launch private sales.

Why using this type of sale has positive results for your ecommerce?

Private sales for pre-launches based on existing customers are a great way to increase sales and customer engagement for your ecommerce. Here are some of the reasons why you should use this type of sale if you have a fashion ecommerce site:

1. Increase sales: Private sales for pre-launches are a great way to drive sales and customer engagement. Existing customers want to be among the first to have access to new fashion items and offers, so they will be willing to buy before the public launch.

2. Improve engagement: By offering existing customers exclusive access to new products, you show them that you value their loyalty. This can significantly improve the relationship they have with your brand, which translates into more purchases and less chances of them leaving for a competitor.

3. Build anticipation: Once existing customers receive news of a private launch, they will be enthusiastic about being the first to get access to the product. This anticipation can help generate more interest before the public launch and help drive sales momentum.

4 tips on what you need to prepare a pre-launch private sale of your new fashion collection on your eCommerce site

Preparing a private sale for a pre-launch in your fashion eCommerce requires at least the following steps:

1. Find the group of potential customers who are interested in the fashion garments to be launched. Customers should have some sort of prior relationship with the company, whether they have purchased similar products or services or have participated in events or other marketing activities of your brand/company. Invite potential customers to the private sale using a personalized email, phone calls or postal invitations. It is important to make sure that all potential customers receive the invitation and have enough time to respond. 3. Prepare the promotional material for the private sale, including the special price and any other relevant information such as additional discounts, free shipping or other benefits. The promo material should be professional and attractive to encourage customers to buy. 4. Follow up with customers after the private sale to make sure they are satisfied with their purchase and to gather feedback on the product or service. This information is important to improve the customer experience and possibly make adjustments to the product/service before the official launch.

How does the process work for fashion and accessories brands?

The pre-launch private sale process is based on the idea of offering your existing customers an exclusive opportunity to purchase your new products before they go on sale to the general public. This allows your buyers to stay ahead of the latest trends and have access to the newest products before they sell out.

The process involves announcing a new product launch on your website, through your social media and email marketing campaigns. Once the product launch is announced, you can provide a limited temporary window for existing customers to place orders. These orders will be on an exclusive basis until the product is released to the general public.

This early sales method allows you to offer discounts to your loyal customers in advance, which helps to stimulate demand and generate excitement around the new launch.

How to maximize sales in a pre-launch private sale

How can I maximize sales

in a pre-launch private sale? 1. Make sure all existing customers are invited to the private sale. This is not just customers who have recently purchased, but all customers who have had any interaction with your brand. This includes those who have downloaded a coupon, attended an event or even just visited your website and left you their details. 2. Use the power of social media to announce the private sale. Be sure to create a specific hashtag for the promotion and post regular updates as to what products will be available, when the sale will be and how customers can learn more. 3. Offer exclusive discounts and special promotions during the private sale. Existing customers are already familiar with your brand and will be more likely to buy if you offer an attractive discount.

4. Create incentives for customers to buy now. For example, offer gift cards, reduced shipping rates or free versions of other products from your brand for those who make a purchase during the private sale. 5. Use email marketing to promote the private sale and send reminders to subscribers about when the sale starts and how to participate. This will help you drive more traffic to the website and increase conversion rates.

In conclusion, fashion private sales in general and focused on pre-launches, are an excellent way to increase your sales and engagement with existing customers. The advantages post private sale:

  • It will let your customers know that you value their loyalty, which will significantly enhance the relationship between them and your brand.

  • By offering these customers exclusive access before the public launch, they can also feel grateful for being part of something special; something that will keep them coming back to buy products from you again in the future.

  • Have your brand very present for future purchases.

  • Promote word of mouth, they will recommend and talk about your brand to other potential customers.

If you have an online store of fashion, accessories, decoration or gastronomy, and you need support from a professional team, do not hesitate to contact our team.


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