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3 myths about automated content marketing to know to avoid throwing your money away

This is the automated marketing era. While there are many myths about marketing automation that are not so true, you need to know what they are to make sure you're not throwing your money away.

Let's start with the basics: What is automated marketing?

In essence, automated marketing is the use of softwares to simplify and improve marketing activities. Automated marketing embraces a variety of tasks, from tracking customer interactions with your brand (e.g. visits to your website or openings of your emails) to executing complex campaigns (e.g. sending personalized emails based on the behavior of the targeted customer).

Did you know that 84% of marketers surveyed between 2017 and 2021 said that automated marketing is critical to the success of their business? Despite this, there are still many myths about automated marketing.

Do you believe in myths or results?

  • I bet on any automation that brings sales!

  • My opinion is that it is too impersonal, so I don't use it.

Here are 3 myths about automated marketing that you should know:

3. Automated marketing is difficult to implement.

Myth #1: Automated marketing is expensive

Many people believe that automated marketing is expensive, but this does not have to be the case. There is a wide variety of automated marketing tools available, some of which are free or cost only a few dollars/euros per month. In addition, once marketing automation is set up, it generally requires little maintenance and can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Myth #2: Marketing automation is only for large companies

Another common misconception about marketing automation is that only large companies can afford it. But in reality, marketing automation is actually a great option for small businesses that want to increase sales and reduce costs.

Marketing automation can help small companies compete with large scale businesses by allowing them to perform marketing tasks that would otherwise require a dedicated team.

Myth #3: Marketing automation replaces the marketing staff

Another common assumption about marketing automation is that it replaces marketing staff. However, this is not necessarily true...

In many cases, marketing automation will help complement the work of the marketing staff rather than replace it. For example, if your marketing team is primarily dedicated to lead generation, marketing automation can be used to nurture and qualify those leads so they are ready to be contacted by the sales team. In other words, marketing automation can help your marketing team become more efficient and better meet your goals.

And if you are alone with your business or you own your ecommerce with a thousand tasks on your list, marketing automation will become your great ally to not leave the top of your funnel unattended.

In conclusion, we believe that in reality, automated content marketing can be very cost-effective and easy to implement if done correctly. It can also provide a high level of quality, as it allows brands to create and distribute relevant and personalized content on a large scale. While it's true that the number of marketing tools out there today can be overwhelming, the truth is that you can't miss opportunities to connect with customers at key moments, and email marketing is a critical piece of your business strategy.


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