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European specialty coffee ecommerce, committed to quality and sustainability, that combines a modern and avant-garde image with an authentic and enriching coffee experience. The commitment to design appeals to its niche market, coffee sybarites, and those who appreciate the art of artisanal micro-roasters and coffee farmers, supporting fair trade and carbon footprint reduction. The business seeks to transform the coffee industry into an engine of positive change, from an aesthetic and ethical perspective.

Curador was facing significant challenges on its platform. Limited payment methods and a restricted interface made the user experience difficult and constrained purchasing options. Additionally, the lack of a specific section for monthly subscriptions complicated the management of recurring customers.

Usability and interaction improvements

  • Expansion of payment methods to provide users with a more convenient and flexible shopping experience.

  • Improvement of the user interface to make it more intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for and make their purchases more efficiently.

  • Creation of a specific section for monthly subscriptions, facilitating the management of recurring customers and promoting loyalty and repeat purchases.

  • Optimization of the navigation map by making it clearer and more coherent, helping users find relevant products and categories more quickly and easily.

Improved visibility and positioning

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to improve page ranking in Google search results and other search engines. This includes optimizing relevant keywords, metatags and descriptions, as well as improving site loading speed and mobile compatibility.

  • Enhancement of existing content and creation of quality guides related to specialty coffee, such as brewing guides, coffee basics, and information on origins and roaster profiles, with the goal of attracting an interested audience and improving the site's authority and relevance in its niche market.

  • Distribution of content in specific landing pages for each category, seeking to improve visibility in search engines and attract qualified and relevant traffic to the site.

The implemented improvements in resulted in significant advances in various key aspects. The expansion of payment methods allowed for a more versatile and convenient shopping experience for users, leading to a noticeable increase in transaction volume and higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, the optimization of the user interface led to more intuitive and enjoyable navigation, streamlining product search and facilitating users in completing their purchases more efficiently. These specific changes were reflected in a measurable increase in both sales and customer satisfaction.

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