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Spanish handcrafted jewelry brand known for its unique and exclusive pieces, has undergone a significant transformation in its e-commerce platform. In order to optimize the user experience and boost sales, substantial changes were implemented, ranging from data migration to improved usability and design.

The main challenge in the Acus Complementos project was to optimize and improve the product filtering system in their online store. With a wide range of collections and unique products, it was crucial to implement accurate and customized filters that would allow customers to quickly find products according to their specific preferences, such as type of bathroom, color, size, weight, availability and brand. Existing filters were insufficient to handle the diversity of combinations and categories, which negatively affected the user experience. To overcome this challenge, product-specific meta-fields were implemented, allowing the creation of customized filters that significantly improved the navigability and search efficiency of Acus Complementos' e-commerce platform.

Usability and interaction improvements

  • Use of meta fields: Specific meta fields were implemented for each product in the store. This allowed the creation of customized filters covering aspects such as style, color, size and type of product. Automation of the

  • Migration Process: Metafiles Guru was used to efficiently migrate a large amount of data from PrestaShop to Shopify. This process involved the use of macros to automate the extraction and insertion of data in the format required by Metafiles Guru.

  • Custom Filter Configuration: Once the metafiles were migrated, they were configured as filters in the Shopify collections. This allowed ACUS customers to filter products accurately and quickly according to their preferences.

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Improved visibility and positioning

  • Design Focused on Menus by Brand: A menu structuring by brand was implemented, highlighting this innovation as the main design focus in the Acus Complementos online store. The menus were designed to offer intuitive and efficient navigation, allowing users to browse specific products according to the brands they prefer.

  • Visual and Functional Optimization: While the overall design remained relatively consistent, strategic adjustments were made to improve navigation and usability without compromising the brand's established visual identity.

  • Brand Experience Enhancements: Visual and narrative elements were implemented that strengthened Acus Complementos' brand identity, ensuring that every interaction with the website conveyed the brand's distinctive values and craftsmanship.

Among the most notable results was that the implementation of this advanced filtering system significantly improved the user experience in the ACUS online store. Customers can now browse and find products more intuitively and efficiently, which has led to an increase in customer satisfaction and potentially sales. The integration of meta-fields such as custom filters and the automation of complex processes transformed the shopping experience at ACUS.

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